What we do at Wheelchair Review

We at Wheelchair Review do just that, we find companies and models of wheelchairs and mobility scooters and check them out thoroughly. The market for Mobility Scooters and Wheelchairs has grown enormously in the past 5 years. There are hundreds of models for sale, and tens of companies to choose from. Not all are equal, and it can be a minefield to research the information you need to make your decision. Every scooter and wheelchair have their own unique features and every manufacturer is working to a different brief. What we do is collate that information. So, leave the hard work to us, we will bring you the information in clear easy comparison categories. You know what your needs are! We know about mobility!

Wheelchairs and mobility scooters are two different types of aids that provide different levels of mobility. Wheelchairs are used for those who need to use a chair as their primary means of mobility. They have a seat, footrests, and wheels on the front. A person sits in the wheelchair and pushes themselves around with their feet. Mobility scooters are used by those who need a little more assistance with mobility but don’t want to use a wheelchair all the time. They have three or four wheels and can be operated by hand or foot controls.

What is a mobility scooter?

A mobility scooter is a self-powered vehicle, usually electric, that helps those with mobility issues get around. There are two main types of mobility scooter the class 2, which is pavement scooter. And class 3 is a larger, road-going scooter. The class 2 scooter is usually designed to fit in the boot of a car. They can often be folded into a suitcase size and wheeled around when not in use. Alternatively, some can be disassembled into several parts. The wheels are smaller than class 3, and the speed is only 4 mph. The class 3 mobility scooter will have lights and has larger wheels than a class 2. It has a top speed of 8mph and can be used on the road.

Mobility Scooter Manufacturers

TGA mobility scooters

Pride mobility scooters

Tzora Mobility Scooters

What is a wheelchair?

Wheelchairs can be bought either as manual or motorized. Manual wheelchairs have many different styles of the model, they can be heavier or lightweight. They can fold or be rigid. Wheelchair wheels can vary in size from 20” to 26” the most common size is 24”. So this will affect the size that the wheelchair can be folded into. Motorised wheelchairs typically have two motors one for each wheel. They draw the power for the motors from the batteries that are housed between the wheels. The wheels for a motorized wheelchair are much smaller than a manual one. 

Wheelchair Manufacturers

JBH Wheelchairs

TGA Wheelchairs

Quickie Wheelchairs